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Women's Black and Multi Wool Boots Handmade for Life

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Gunslinger Wool Boots:

The next in the saga of Gunslinger footwear, our Wool Gunslingers featuring ™Pendleton Wool.  These boots feature the same top grain leathers, oxford perforations and rugged wear all style that our stone Gunslinger’s have with a different aesthetic.  In place of stone shields these boots feature leather backed ™ Pendleton wool panels.  We hand select each pattern and colorway to make the best possible combinations everytime.  ™ Pendelton wool is an amazing handmade material to pair with our durable boots, and we are very pleased to be able to feature them in this line. 

The Fit:

These shoes are handmade, that means that in the beginning the leather will be a little stiff, and possibly tight on the sides of your foot, that is a good thing! Within a week or so of wearing these boots the leather is going to meld to the shape of your foot.  You want it to be a little snug in the beginning so that it can wear in just right.  The wear in period on these isn't very long either, a week of everyday wear will have them hugging your feet like your favorite pair of beat up boots.  

Half Sizes:

We have essentially made these boots to be half size inclusive, what does that mean? We go off of european sizing, a men's 10 for instance is more of a 43-44 for us, the exact conversion varies depending upon who you ask, so we designed our soles to be cut to median sizes that have the ability of accommodating both even sizes and half sizes comfortably. The leathers ability to take the shape of your foot is what makes this possible. If you're skeptical about the fit, you can always buy them and as long as you don't wear them outside (and the inner isn't discolored from obvious wear), return them if the fit isn't right.

Understand, these are traditional handmade boots, they are not modern footwear, you will need to break them in, but once you do they'll be your new best friend. Motorcycles all day long, hike thousands of miles, traipse through the jungle, catch an uber in the city and go out to your favorite concert, you're going to look incredible.

These are handmade boots, the soles are literally hand stitched to the boot.  What does that mean? These boots are eternal in that they can be resoled, and they aren't going to break! You won't have to worry about doing anything to these boots until you've literally ground down the entire high density Vibram sole and they're ready for another one; for most people that won't be for 10 or more years.  Things that are made well always cost a little more in the beginning, but more than pay for themselves with time.  

All of our boots come with a 1 year guarantee from the date of receipt, if anything happens in that first year we will gladly replace or repair your boots at no additional cost!