Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions on a variety of our products



Custom Orders

General Questions 




How do your boots fit?

  • The Fit:
    These shoes are handmade, that means that in the beginning the leather will be a little stiff, and possibly tight on the sides of your foot, that is a good thing! Within a week or so of wearing these boots the leather is going to meld to the shape of your foot.  You want it to be a little snug in the beginning so that it can wear in just right.  The wear in period on these isn't very long either, a week of everyday wear will have them hugging your feet like your favorite pair of beat up boots.  

  • Half Sizes:
    We have essentially made these boots to be half size inclusive, what does that mean? We go off of european sizing, a men's 10 for instance is more of a 43-44 for us, the exact conversion varies depending upon who you ask, so we designed our soles to be cut to median sizes that have the ability of accommodating both even sizes and half sizes comfortably. The leathers ability to take the shape of your foot is what makes this possible. If you're skeptical about the fit, you can always buy them and as long as you don't wear them outside (and the inner isn't discolored from obvious wear), return them if the fit isn't right.

  • Understand, these are traditional handmade boots, they are not modern footwear, you will need to break them in, but once you do they'll be your new best friend. 


How will I know what size to get?

  • example: If you typically wear a women's 6 1/2 - I would recommend a size 7. If you typically wear a men's size 10 in sneakers but all your boots are a 10 1/2 - I would recommend a size 11. 
  • Most people tend to wear thicker socks with boots as well. How do you wear you boots? Do you like to put in a foot insert?

What if I order a pair of boots and they don't fit?

  • If your boots seam to be a size too big or too small you can exchange them for a correct size with in 1 week of your received date. Please do your best to try them on right away and let us know if you need an exchange, otherwise, used footwear is something we can not accept returns on or resell. 

Can I go hiking in these? Are they water proof?

  • Yes! Absolutely you can take these boots on your outdoor adventure and they will serve you well. (Gunslinger and Moctoe boots) Leather is naturally water resistant and these boots will be great for rainy days and light water exposure. If your looking to use them for constant water exposure or submersion we would recommend a simple waterproofing spray. Its always best to avoid saltwater and leather. 

How do I best take care of these boots?

  • The more you wear them, the better they will get! We recommend about ever 6 months to use a simple leather conditioning lotion, applying with a horse hair brush. This will help maintain the natural integrity and life of the leather. 





How long do custom orders take?

  • 4-6 weeks. We also employ rigorous quality control practices. This means that sometimes there are time frame delays, and extended wait times for customs, however, this is because we strive to create excellent quality handmade goods and don’t rush our process.


Can I rush my order? I need it for a special occasion…

  • For custom items we try to maintain a lead time of no longer than four weeks, We will do our best to make sure your order reaches you in time, but we can not guarantee that your custom order will make it on time. We do not recommend counting on tight timelines.


How many leather colors can I choose?

  • You can choose up to three different leather colors


Can I choose more than one stone?

  • We only allow one one stone choice per design. 


Can I send you a stone to use?

  • Currently, this is not an option. You may choose from our current list of stone choices. 


Can you send me photos of all of your stones so I can pick one?

  • We do not offer photos of our current stock, instead we guarantee a quality stone with a certain amount of natural variance.


Can I alter or change the design with one of my ideas?

  • We can not accept any further customization's other than leather colors and stone choice at this time.


Can I alter my choices after my order is placed? 

  • Orders can not be altered after they are placed


I need help on deciding on my leather colors, can you help me?

  • Click on leather options on our customs page to see larger, more detailed photos of available leather colors. 

  • If you are still undecided, email us your top 3 choices and we will be happy to help you decide!


Is your leather ethically sourced?

  • Our leather comes from small farms in Northern Guatemala where agriculture has a substantially lower impact on the environment  and animal husbandry is more responsible and less industrialized. 

  • Our leather never comes from factory farms or leather mills, it always a by-product of meat production.

  • We use and reuse leather as often as possible to make the most of our hides, even including the brands in our bags.



I am leaving town and need my order fast, can I get my custom order in a week?

  • We will do our best to make sure your order reaches you in time, but we can not guarantee that your custom order will make it on time. 

  • We do not recommend counting on tight timelines.


Can you make me a gun holster?

  • At this time we do not make gun specific holsters, however the Oriente style very comfortably fits a small pistol in the inner open pocket.


I have some really cool ideas can we collaborate?

  • We are currently experiencing a high production demand and are mostly unable to do other projects

  • We occasionally find time and availability, however it is rare.






Do you accept payment plans?


  •  Yes! We accept payment plans though afterpay and PayPal's Pay Later. You can easily use either methods at check out.
  • Otherwise, all sales must be paid in full


I have thousands of amazing followers that love my content, can I have a free bag in exchange for promoting your brand, like a brand ambassador?

  • Sponsorships will only be considered with a thorough offer of proposed deliverables and documented prior history of ambassadorship with data backed analytics. 

  • If you have a popular page we may be interested in paying you to model our items and post them, which may overlap with a purchase from us.