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Women's Leather Holster Vest- *El Norteno* Multiple Colors

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El Norteno:

The Norteno holster defies definition, it looks like a vest, but wears like a holster, and with a whopping 8 pockets it can store a lot of stuff! Each side is fitted with three external pockets on the vest face, the top pockets are very small and meant for small things, the middle and bottom pockets are larger and can fit a variety of things from cell phones to wallets, they both feature easy open magnetic enclosures to keep your things secure and simple to reach.  The inside of the Norteno features two inner pockets, one on either side, these pockets are DEEP and can easily cradle such precious objects as a large phone, wallet or even a full fifth of your favorite Moonshine; or whatever other large thing you may need to hide away if you know how to rock it. Comes in a one size fits all due to our revolutionary rear snap system that allows for the vest to fit the tiniest and largest humans (Approx 95lbs-280lbs)! Like all our holsters, The Norteno comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Inner pockers measure: 7" deep
Large outer pocket: 6"W x 5"L & 5.5" deep
Vest measures 20"L